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>Where to buy Bruut Craft Beer?

5.5% Abv
A naturally cloudy
modern wheat beer.

Fruity esters + lots of lime.
Soft, crisp flavor.
5.0% Abv
Unfilterd hazy IPA
hoppy hoppy hoppy
8.0% Abv
Tripel-Strong-Blonde HYBRID
Citrus, dry-hopping
Roller coaster to your Taste buds!
5.5% Abv
Yeast transforming miracle.
Citrus + saison yeast
Pretty darn delicious. Citrusy + peppery flavour.
5.5% Abv
Tasteful substitute to industrial Pilsner
Hoppy, hoppy, hoppy
C-c-c-crisp bitter!!
4.5% Abv
Exotic refreshing blonde
Citrus, dry-hopping
Sessionable, tasty and re-hydrating
7.0% Abv
Unfiltered blonde
3-methyl-1-butyl acetate