Brewpub Amsterdam

We prepare to open doors late spring / early summer 2018 and make beer at our own independent nanobrewery. We are currently in the process of building an environment-friendly beer hub on the Amsterdam Cruquius Island. We're re-purposing the industrial heritage site and former head offices of Oil Factory Insulinde into the Bruut Brewpub.

The Bruut Brewpub will be located at Huisje Insulinde, Eastern Docklands area, Amsterdam. It will be a gathering place for neighbours, friends and beer devotees who come to visit us from all over the globe.

You can grab a spot at the bar, where we serve up some excellent one-off brews that are only available at our Brewpub.

We rotate our brews and give other brewers a chance to serve their best on a regular basis, always having interesting and tasty one-of-a-kind batches on tap.

Bruut brewery brewpub in Amsterdam

Beer to Go

Can’t stay? No problem. Grab a Bruut Growler and fill it with our latest small batch creation to share with your friends. Already have a growler on hand?

Great – we’ll fill that one, too.

It’s the new old way to carry your beer.

We rotate our brews on a regular basis, using only the best ingredients. Chances are there’ll be a new brew next time you stop by, so bring your Growler back in.

Fill. Enjoy. Repeat.

Tunes and Brews | Bruut music venue

We stand up for a city that recognizes the value of diversity, in life and music.
And since drinking and listening to music are both sensory experiences, it seems only natural to blend our craft with the craft of our talented local musicians.

Our brewpub stage hosts acts all year-round, strengthening our sentiment that the enjoyment of a tasty craft beer while listening to underground music at the same time is an exponentially awesome experience.

We will host plenty of beer-specific activities as well. Beer lovers will be able to attend tastings and follow workshops given by various zythologists.

It will be possible to visit the small in-house brewery and our tranquil outdoor terrace is a pretty nice place to chill-out.

Last but not least our
tap room serves also as micro boutique / retail bottle shop.