We are Bruut!

Bruut ?!

We are a small craft brewery operation in down-town Amsterdam. We care not so much for a large-scale production and our boundless enthusiasm and passion for craft beer are paramount in business operations.

What makes it Bruut?

We fancy clean balanced beers in which the flavor profile of one of the ingredients stands out (i.e. yeast, hops). We employ traditional brewing methods but at the same time we enrich our beers with today’s trends and new flavors. Call it the enrichment of the new with the traditions of the old.

Brewing started as a hobby, but we quickly stepped things up and got our education in Belgium where we still frequently take courses to build our skills. Due to the Belgian connection originated from the brewing-classes we took, we now brew our beers in line with the Belgian tradition of attention to balance. At the same time we try to innovate by experimenting with new flavors and flavour-active maceration's. We try to differentiate ourselves from the still rather traditional Belgian beer market, while still staying true to its foundations.

Our beers are not extreme, flavor-layered and tempting. Always sessionable and innovative at the same time.


We strive to be sustainable, local, and organic. As eco-minded brewers, we take a number of measures to green our brewing operations. Every day, we look at all that we do and we try to find something to improve — no matter how small.

The most significant portion of the brewery’s waste are organics. We don’t throw it away! It has all sorts of uses. Spent barley malt, hops, and yeast are fed to local livestock, used as a soil amendment, or composted.

The addition of a solar panel array atop our Bruut Brewpub and nearby rooftops will increase our sustainability practices.

Local & Organic

Today brewers have the option to brew with ingredients grown all over the world. For sustainability purposes, domestic usually beats imported, and less packaging is always best. We are dedicated to purchase sustain-ably grown, minimally packaged ingredients as much as possible.

How did we start?

We started brewing beer in our kitchens (fall 2010). We never thought about taking this hobby to the pro level and start a brewery. But consequently, in September 2014 Bruut Bier was born anyway.

Before going pro, we sharpened our skills and took various classes in Belgium to beef up on our knowledge about brewing technology and craft beer fermentation sciences.

Now we prepare to open doors and make beer at our own independent nanobrewery. Our
environment-friendly beer hub will be located at Huisje Insulinde, Eastern Docklands area, Amsterdam.

Support Bruut

In our webshop you can order a beer package (link) that supports the purchase of our brewhouse facility and contribute to our sustainability efforts.

Any help is welcome. Do you have brutal ideas or suggestions? Are you motivated to bring us further? Please do not hesitate to contact us.